If you want to make your kids or children around you smile, then give them some Recordable Books for Children. Some kids may not have the patience to read, but they certainly would enjoy hearing your voice telling them some well-loved stories. It’s fun, plus you will be able to educate and inspire them without being authoritative. I love reading, and now that I get to read those stories in my own voice and save the recording, it’s just so much more fun!

All Hail Hallmark—Check Out Their Recordable Books For Children

Hallmark has some of the best Recordable Books for Children titles—from classics to current favorites, they have them. A personal favorite of mine is “Goodnight, Moon”—even Glee’s Dianna Agron quotes from this book from time to time. It’s a sweet, simple, and poetic bedtime story that kids would most certainly like—I like saying “Goodnight room, goodnight moon”—it’s sweet and will make for the perfect lullaby. “Goodnight, Moon” comes in 18 pages and is hardbound and has that great VoiceSave technology—innovative and great all at once.

There’s also “Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep”—which contains that famous prayer that you probably have heard from grand mom or granddad once upon a time, and “You Fill the World with Wonder”—the perfect thing to tell a little one. After all, even Marilyn Monroe believed that little ones needed to be told that they’re beautiful and special because the thing we tell kids will stick with them until they grow up—and you definitely should contribute to a child’s well-being, not to his or her destruction.

More Titles

The great thing about this technology is the vast array of choices—there really are a lot of titles to choose from. Since it began in 2009, it has expanded from only twelve titles to a couple more. Other favorites of mind include “Octopus with hugging arms”—which gives a different and friendlier perception to Octopuses—and the illustrations are just so cute, “Wherever you are my love will find you”—a story of a kid and bear’s friendship, “Bright and Beautiful”—a story of appreciation and love, “You’re a Hero—all the ways you save the day”, and “Under the Same Moon”. These stories will surely put a smile not only on a kid’s face but also on yours.

Princess Titles—Some Of The Recordable Books For Children

Now, if, like me, you are also a girly girl and princess at heart and know some kids who love stories about Princesses, then you definitely should get “The Wish My Heart Makes for You”—a Cinderella story and “What Makes a Princess?”—the perfect Disney Princess stories that will hold a special place in your heart—these truly are some of the best Recordable Books for Children.

Read And Record Now

wherever-you-are-my-love-will-find-you-anytime-recordable-storybooks-kob8090_518_1If you love reading and practicing voiceovers or narrations, then these books are perfect for you. Put a smile on a child’s face now—it’s priceless, and will make you feel great and inspired. Buy some Recordable Books for Children now.

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